The Jewish Voice for Peace organization is a jewish peace group that aims to create peace in the Middle East through the supporting of Palestinians and educating of many Jews and Israelis about the true nature of the ethnic cleansing and apartheid that is propagated by the Israeli government. 

Humanity will always be the driving force behind any kind of music. It is more important than anything to preserve that humanity. If you have a moment to listen to my music, you have a moment to educate yourself or otherwise advance human rights. As always, my music is available for free. If you feel so inclined as to want to pay for it, consider instead a donation at one of the links above.

Alongside the release of my debut EP,

Primary, in September 2019,

revealed a short series of poems.

They are below.


One about myself

One about someone else

One about the world’s health




To look into someone's eyes is to look at the stars

without seeing the sky 


To feel them is to know where the ground is

even when you are up high 


To know them is to let time stand still

even when it seems to fly 


Alone -

Content does not describe it


Together - 

When anxiety defies wit


I read because I am scared -

to take things off my mind



Dosing line by line


Truth is I am no intellect

I am just telling myself: “I’m fine”


Live your life in weeks

Let things go by day to day


Look forward to the months

And remember the years